Raised around brilliant artists who attached meaning to everything, creating Dust & Sugar was a natural step in my creative journey. Sharing handmade, superior-quality pillows that bring brightness and beauty to people’s homes has been a profoundly fulfilling experience, but I knew I could do more.


I’ve always been passionate about giving back, but only when I became a mother myself did I realize just how much meaning Dust & Sugar could carry. All children deserve access to nutritious meals that enable them to stay curious, passionate, and bold. I was inspired to keep giving back in a way that was sustainable. 


I realized I already had what I needed to realize this vision: Dust & Sugar.


Each time you buy one of our products, we’ll provide ten meals to children in need. Just like our all-natural pillows bring brightness and beauty into your home, they also help create a bright and beautiful future for children who need it most.