What is the Best Fabric for Throw Pillows?


So many throw pillows serve to simply sit on couches, placed there as an afterthought, only to be tossed to the ground once you’re ready to relax for the night. This shouldn’t be the case. Your throw pillows should be cozy, natural, and made from materials that make you want to cuddle up to them and never let go.


At Dust and Sugar, we never compromise on the quality of our throw pillows. We use cotton velvet and boucle fabric to give our pillows a superior comfort not found in any of our competitors’ products.


What is Cotton Velvet?


Cotton velvet is one of the most comfortable fabrics available on the market. The material is considered medium to light weight and does not stretch. Once you’ve felt cotton velvet, you’ll never go back to old, synthetic materials for your throw pillows.


Our natural cotton velvet may come at a slightly higher price than synthetic materials, but the slight increase in cost is worth every penny when you consider how much better the final product looks and feels.


What is Boucle Fabric?


Boucle is a textured yarn that provides an accent to your throw pillow. This fabric gives a unique look to the finished product and provides a natural comfort not found in other materials. 


The process of making Boucle yarn consists of combining two or more strands, with one of the strands remaining fairly loose while the others are pulled tight. This gives the fabric its characteristic “looped” appearance.


Why Buy Pillows from Dust and Sugar?


Dust and Sugar is a small, Chicago-based company that believes quality and comfort are the most important features of a good throw pillow. With every pillow you purchase from Dust and Sugar, you have peace of mind knowing you are supporting a company whose founder pours her heart and soul into every piece she makes.


  • Handcrafted Touch. Every item offered on https://www.dust-sugar.com/ is handcrafted, made to order in 5 days or less, and is delivered with free shipping. While machines that make pillows at scale are amazing tools, it is important to us that all of our pillows are hand-made and of the highest quality possible.
  • The Best Available Materials. Quality materials are important to Dust and Sugar. For this reason, all of the textiles used in the making of our pillows and other materials are sourced from a small, family owned business located in Italy. Dust and Sugar has an exclusive agreement with this workshop and knows that the quality of the textiles produced by these artisans is second to none.
  • Media Buzz. Dust and Sugar had the privilege of being featured on “Whoopi Goldberg’s Favorite Finds”. Ms. Goldberg is a woman who knows quality when she sees it, and keeps up with every trend in the fashion and design world. Additionally, we were recently featured in the magazine House and Garden. Our brand is becoming more well-known by the day as more customers share their happy experiences with our products. You can find that article here: https://www.dust-sugar.com/pages/press
  • Local Chicago Business. Dust and Sugar believes in buying local and we adore our Chicago community. With every purchase you make from Dust and Sugar, you’ll be helping our small business and doing your part to keep entrepreneurs afloat during a time when big business has control over most of the field. It’s an uphill battle to fight against the big players who can turn out low-quality pillows in minutes. But we believe in the value and power of our small business in the throw pillow market.
  • Our Customers are Like Family. Our company founder is the mother of three children herself, so she understands the value of family. We consider every order that comes in to be a unique product that will be enjoyed by your family for many years to come. We take pride in our work and never produce anything that we wouldn’t proudly present to our own family.


Japandi Interior Design: The Next Big Trend


Scandinavians have a particular eye for style and tend to purchase high quality items that can be used forever. This has led to the term “Scandi Lux” and this trend is sweeping across the fashion and design industries.


Customers of Dust and Sugar have a keen eye for trends and know all of the popular designer tips that are in vogue right now. Comfort, value, and aesthetics are three of the biggest elements that make up Japandi design, and our products embody each of these ideals:


  • Comfort. As was mentioned earlier in this article, our pillows are made of the most comfortable materials on the market today. The natural cotton velvet and boucle fabric make us stand out amongst our peers as the top contender in the throw pillow field.
  • Value. The saying goes: “you get what you pay for”. If you are looking for a 5 dollar pillow that looks and feels like a rock, you have plenty of options at your neighborhood big box store. However, if you want a throw pillow that screams comfort and was made with love in every stitch, you want to shop with Dust and Sugar. These pillows are built to last and will maintain their value for years after purchase.
  • Aesthetics. While aesthetics certainly aren’t everything, they are important. The products made by Dust and Sugar are visually pleasing and will get your guests and family talking the minute they see our pillows.




It can be overwhelming to navigate the many shifting trends in the world of design. While today there is a trend toward Japandi style, tomorrow there may be something completely different. However, Dust and Sugar’s products are evergreen and will always be of superior, hand-made quality. There is no machine on earth that can replicate the care and unique quality that a skilled seamstress can produce.


If you are tired of your old, worn out throw pillows and are looking for a product of superior quality and style, consider Dust and Sugar. You will be happy you did.